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Clients expect value! Three simple words that form the cornerstone of our business.

We realized early on that our clients want to leverage their investment in collaborative technologies but don’t know where to begin or get overwhelmed by the amount of information embedded in their documents or lack the technical skills internally.

At Keyvrix we’re committed to developing a system of differentiation and innovation.

So we decided to build an Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) product for less and with a greater return for our client’s investments.

Our solutions share four common traits:

Unified & Simple

Our extensive domain knowledge has enabled us to build a comprehensive and unified EKM product that when implemented in its simplest form – drives efficiencies by automating processes and tasks – organizing documents by embedding metadata – leaving employees free to do more than searching for documents.

Empowers Users

Keyvrix built an EKM software solution that empowers its users to be more forward thinking and proactive when making decisions. With EKM solution from Keyvrix you get more than just a document management solution. We understand the transformational properties of collaborative solutions, with increased access, improved organizational agility and we’re committed to developing a system of differentiation and innovation.

Comprehensive Functionality

We sell a complete EKM solution. So you can implement only the functionality you need. Our solution will grow with you, and will support your future, more strategic performance management endeavors. Keyvrix is a unified solution with the functionality to address the long-term goals of your organization and you can use the software’s additional capabilities to enable new business value.

Business Value

This is the Keyvrix value proposition. You’re likely visiting our website today because you are looking to address a specific business need. Whether it is to reduce the dependence on network drives, or improve your task management and planning capabilities – Keyvrix can provide you with the functionality and framework to make it happen.

But with Keyvrix you get more. You can administer the software without burdening your IT department. Keyvrix is built in such a way that there is minimal customization required – leaving implementation times short and more effective

Keyvrix delivers value! This is our commitment to our clients.