We used our extensive domain knowledge and experience to develop a single software product that addresses multiple Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) capabilities through a common user interface. We’ve also productized the functionality that in more expensive enterprise systems requires time consuming and expensive configuring and customization.

Implementing an EKM solution may sound like a daunting task. But very few of our customers do everything at once. With our solution you can grow.

Start by organizing your documents, migrating documents and designing your meta-data tree structure.

Then use application system for the specific needs of your business such as developing measurable metrics, task management, training delivery. The best part is, in most cases our clients have investments in many of the building blocks already in place.

Without question, information has moved from a vertical silo to a horizontal building block across organizations and we have moved towards a more data-driven culture. Significant part of that information is based in non-transactional systems. Transforming information into knowledge and knowledge into measurable metrics, results in valuable business insight and increased organizational agility.

Let Keyvrix show you how.