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Tailored to your specific business need...

Keyvrix offers more than just spectacular document management software. We enable you to accomplish your goals by delivering a comprehensive Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) solution built on a Microsoft SharePoint platform that automates important non-transactional processes by organizing, integrating and distributing information in a secure environment. But the software we provide is only part of the story.

One thing you can be sure of about our relationships with you; “we’re with you every step of the way”.

To ensure that our clients are successful and happy, we have developed a unique and flexible approach to working with our clients.

Learn more about how we work with you...

Before we come on board

Our team will make sure that we listen to your business needs and we will document the processes throughout. We will only recommend a solution that is right for your unique situation and technical environment. Then, you decide whether you want to work with us. We promise to train your people to work independently and minimize their reliance on us.

How you acquire is your choice

We offer a one-time perpetual license and two types of pay-as-you-go subscription licenses. With perpetual licenses, you pay an annual maintenance fee that entitles you to unlimited telephone support and free software upgrades. Subscription licenses come with maintenance included.

Keyvrix charges for EKM software based on the number of users you have. Every customer receives all of the solution’s functionality—you decide what you use and when you use it. We jointly determine the implementation work that you will need and we provide an itemized estimate of costs. There are no surprises.

Implementing your EKM software solution

Our goal is to make you self-sufficient as soon as possible. We have a proven, systematic implementation framework that addresses your goals and allows you to realize the maximum return on your investment. Our highly experienced implementation team speaks your business language. We can provide implementation help at your location or remotely from our offices.

Once you’re up and running

Your relationship with Keyvrix continues. We at Keyvrix have your best interests at heart, and are invested in ensuring the happiness of your organization and its use of Keyvrix. We stay engaged with you, our client by providing:

  • Training delivered online training, in a classroom setting or at your location
  • Free webinars that educate your users about specific product capabilities
  • Usage audits, to ensure you are receiving optimal value
  • Access to our support team—online or by phone
  • An online portal for to submit your feedback
  • A dedicated support portal that enables you to sort through our knowledge base

One thing you can be sure of about our relationships with you; “we’re with you every step of the way”.