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KEYVRIX Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution delivers a rule-based software robot or applications interfaces that can be configured to perform tasks normally performed by humans without any variations.

The Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) based automation system captures and interprets the actions and outputs of your existing ERP, CRM, BI systems and takes action driven by predetermined rules just as any human operator would.

Take action driven by predetermined rules just as any human operator would.

Any action taken by our automation system is audited and logged. Once our automation system has been trained with well-defined rules it can perform the business function without any errors.

The automation system driven by our Enterprise Knowledge Management (EKM) solution tracks variations by auditing and logging the following attributes of a business process:

  • 1. path followed,
  • 2. time to completion,
  • 3. number of rework iterations

This data helps to build a knowledge base that can be used to continuously refine the automation rulebook.

Our automation systems are non-intrusive applications which do not require much technical integration with your existing systems. Our automation systems are particularly effective for small to mid-size automation initiatives requiring quick turnarounds and high levels of agility. Our automation systems bring in rapid productivity and cost efficiencies.

Organizations with high levels of human resource engagements, huge volume of transaction or large scale repetitive processing will definitely benefit from our process automation systems. Our automation systems deliver most benefits to business processes with these attributes:

  • Highly rules-driven
  • Data-entry, comparison and validation intensive
  • Switching between multiple application systems (ERP –> Excel –> Web)
  • Large transaction volumes
  • Sensitive to errors and variations

Some of the functional areas where our software process automation can deliver immediate benefits to any organization include:


Customer Service

  • Order Processing
  • Billing Support
  • Query Management
  • Complaints
  • Subscriptions
  • Helpdesk & Support
  • Social Media Feedback

Finance & Accounting

  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • Record to Report
  • Capital Asset Management

Human Resources

  • Application Tracking
  • On-Boarding/Off-Boarding
  • Employee Data Management
  • Payroll Administration
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Claims Management