The future of your business is dependent on the intelligent use of your data.

A well designed dashboard is an invaluable tool for making business decisions.

Our dashboards will help you simplify complex processes into manageable, digestible chunks of information so you can focus on the day to day operation of the business.

Our team of experts can help you manage and deliver the complete Business Intelligence solution development life cycle – from developing business cases – to data visualizations – to determining audience – to defining key metrics and user context. We can help you with operational reporting, analytical report and dashboards and help you navigate through the value chain from data to information to knowledge.

Connect your most critical systems to simplify the monitoring of your business data. Keyvrix can help you drive growth with a single view that lets everyone monitor performance and act faster when things change for better or worse.

Keyvrix helps you setup dashboards with features:

Recent Data, Always On

Refresh your dashboard automatically and in real-time to make recent data available anytime for speedy decision making and increased business agility.

Consistent Visibility

Deploy custom scorecard and KPIs on dashboards throughout your workspace to give maximum visibility to your performance metrics. Understand current performance at a glance using well-designed, meaningful visualizations. Make your most important data clear for everyone, ensuring better datainformed decisions are made.

Flexible Interfaces

Have other data you need to monitor? Push or pull for data feeds, and display it using the same beautiful visualisations as our pre-built data integrations.

Mobile Capability

We let you take your most important KPIs and scorecards with you out on the road. Mobile-optimised dashboards keep your most important data in front of you and your team, wherever you are.