Cancel an Insurance policy automatically

Detect intent using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Using intelligence-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows insurance companies to automate the cancellation of a policy, saving hours for customer service agents. When an insurance policyholder wants to cancel their insurance policy, that message usually gets sent to an insurance company in two ways: via email, with content in the email body, or as an email attachment. Canceling the policy then requires another set of steps, which RPA can help speed up using AI modelling.

The RPA bot uses AI to detect intent of the content from text of the email, and then proceeds to verify that the sender’s identity with that on the policy. That means using OCR to extract and validate details like policy number, customer name, send date, and sender name from the email or attachment. It also verifies whether the email sender is authorized to cancel the policy and the request has been received within acceptable cancellation date range. If no issues exist, the RPA engine invokes the ticketing system to accept the request for cancellation, terminate the policy and close the case with a standard email response. However, when any of the above validations fail the RPA bot will then forward the cancellation request to a customer service agent, who will go through a manual process for policy cancellation.

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