Automate common customer requests

Customer intent, go figure

Customer often make requests that are repetitive and minor that take the sales team away from selling. Some of the most common incoming customer requests include address changes, service changes or cancellations, and adding or removing a person or product from a policy or service. Fortunately, intelligence-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is designed for this and can easily help with automating repetitive mundane tasks.

RPA using natural language processors (NLPs) can scan and understand the intent of a human message and then automate a response to that request or route it to the proper department.

For example, if a customer sends an electronic or voice message with a “change of address” request, the NLP engine can determine the intent and then route it to the appropriate department. A more advanced option allows the RPA bot to pull the relevant information and directly map it to the appropriate field in the company’s CRM system. Depending on the accuracy of the intent detect by the RPA bot these changes can be managed either as a fully unattended automation or semi-autonomous with option to review by a customer service agent. Automate repetitive tasks boosts the speed of an organization’s response and customer satisfaction.

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